lunes, 11 de marzo de 2024

Silly Selfportrait: I DON'T KNOW...

“When Master Carpenter Cheu returned from Tsí, he stayed overnight in Köiu-yuan. In a dream, a tree appeared to him and said: Indeed, beautiful wood trees are felled when they are young. Fruit trees have their branches broken in the frenzy of stealing their fruits. Their usefulness proves fatal for all. Likewise, I too am content with being useless. Trees and humans share the same fate. If you are a useful person, you will not grow old.

The world is not a fixed and solid thing. It is a phantasmagoria, a protean flux, a dynamo of energies that melt into each other or catalyze new forms. Reality is not a lump, it's a wave. (...) You are controlled by your reality tunnels; the media is controlled by its reality tunnels; and controlling your reality tunnel is the only control you have in this hologram called life.

The mentally disturbed do not employ the Principle of Scientific Parsimony: the most simple theory to explain a given set of facts. They shoot for the baroque.

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