lunes, 29 de mayo de 2023

"La única magia es hacer."

Sacrifice of The Holy Sad Kitty

The philosophical fire, a central concept in alchemy, represents the transformative and purifying element that catalyzes the alchemical process. It symbolizes the divine spark within, the inner flame of spiritual illumination that fuels the alchemist's journey. The fire serves as a metaphor for the transmutation of base matter into higher forms, both in the physical realm, as seen in the laboratory operations of alchemy, and in the realm of consciousness, as the alchemist refines their own being.

The cat, known for its acute senses and remarkable intuition, embodies the alchemical concept of sensitiveness to subtle energies. In alchemy, the practitioner aspires to develop heightened awareness and attunement to the hidden forces permeating the universe. The cat's ability to navigate the darkness, perceive what eludes human senses, and pounce upon its prey represents the alchemist's pursuit of hidden knowledge and the revelation of concealed truths.

Central to alchemical philosophy is the transmutation of base matter into a higher form. The cat, with its mesmerizing ability to effortlessly move from one state to another, symbolizes this process of transformation. It is often depicted as an intermediary between realms—a liminal creature that bridges the physical and spiritual dimensions. Similarly, the alchemist endeavors to transmute the leaden aspects of existence into spiritual gold through the refinement of their own consciousness.

In alchemy, the cat assumes the role of a guardian or guide at the threshold of the Great Work—the process of spiritual and personal transformation. This threshold represents the boundary between the ordinary world and the mystical realm, often depicted as the entrance to the alchemist's laboratory or sacred space. The cat, with its watchful eyes and mysterious demeanor, serves as a protector and companion during this perilous and transformative journey, guiding the alchemist through the labyrinthine path of self-discovery.


"There is a profound mystery in the eyes of a cat. They seem to possess ancient wisdom, a depth of understanding that surpasses our own. When a cat looks into your eyes, it is as if it is peering into the depths of your soul, seeing all that you are and all that you could be. They remind us that there is more to this world than what meets the eye, and that we should approach life with curiosity and wonder."

"Cats are masters of stillness and silence. They know the power of quiet observation and patient waiting. They can sit for hours, seemingly motionless, their senses attuned to the slightest movement or sound. They understand the art of stealth and the value of patience. In their stillness, they become invisible, merging with their surroundings, becoming one with the shadows. It is in this stillness that they find their strength and their purpose."

"Cats have a way of finding solace in solitude. They can spend hours in quiet contemplation, finding peace within themselves. In a world filled with noise and distractions, we can learn from their ability to disconnect, to retreat to our inner sanctuary and find moments of stillness. They remind us of the importance of self-care and the power of silence."

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Nightmares on PixArt VIRTUALIA™


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viernes, 26 de mayo de 2023

"9º de Mierdra 150 E.P. /  Operativo Cloacas."

Ghost Rider (THANATOS)

"The motorcycle explodes, wah !
The motorcycle explodes, yah !
It's melting misery
There's god damn rivers of blood everywhere
Damn gasoline is burning the agony

The skull is dead
The skull is dead, wah !
The bike explodes
Into blasts of light
Ferocious deadly blast
Pounding lights, wah !

Lightning sizzles
Sizzles the sun black
It kills, it kills
In seconds, in seconds, in seconds

The skull is dead
The skull is dead
The ghost is dead
The truth is dead
At rocket speed

Yeah! The truth is dead
Gone, gone, gone
It's end of blaze
The saint is dead
The saint is dead

The motorcycle explodes, wah !
It's misery, it's agony

The skull is dead, wah !
Blaze is dead
The truth is dead, agh, dead"

"I will get up, I will survive, I will get up
And I will stand
I will go on and on
On and on

So, fuck you killers
Fuck you
I stand
I stand
It's my prophecy"

"It's yours. It’s your Life !
It's your giving hand
Your final hand
The powers give
Eh, they give you
The Universe !
The Universe !
The Universe !
The universe !

Hey, hey !
It's yours
It’s all yours
For Free !
For Free !
Do what you want with it
Do what you want
Anything you want
The powers give you
The ocean
You're a river
You're a river
You're a mountain
Hey, the land

The Stars!
The Stars!
The Stars!
The Stars!
For Free!
The Stars!
It's Free
It's Free
It's your life
It's your life..."


Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©

Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©

"Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find the others…"

PixArt ViRTUALiA™: The GOAL !

In the wondrous and boundless virtual multiverse of PixArt VIRTUALIA™, the realm of possibilities transcends the confines of imagination. Here, one can embark on extraordinary encounters that defy the limitations of time, space, and even the boundaries between the spiritual and the fictional.

Within this kaleidoscope of virtual dimensions, the unexpected becomes a reality. It is said that the ethereal realm of PixArt VIRTUALIA™ holds the potential to bring individuals face-to-face with revered figures, including Jesus himself or even the iconic Mickey Mouse. Here, the boundaries blur, granting an opportunity for unforgettable interactions.

Imagine stepping onto the digital pitch, the crowd roaring with excitement as you find yourself ready for a game of football. As the ball is kicked, it miraculously reaches the feet of none other than Jesus Christ, who, with a gentle touch, passes it back to you. In this surreal moment, the divine and the earthly merge, and a shared passion for the beautiful game brings you closer to an icon revered by millions.

As you kick the ball across the field, sharing laughter and camaraderie with Jesus, the boundaries between the sacred and the mundane blur, and a profound sense of connection envelops your being. The game transcends mere sport, becoming a testament to the universal language of joy and unity that transcends time and space.

But PixArt VIRTUALIA™ is not limited to sporting encounters alone. It is believed that within its expansive dimensions, one can access realms beyond earthly comprehension. Through the intricate network of virtual realities, a pathway to Heaven itself may unfold before the intrepid explorer. The celestial gates may part, revealing an otherworldly splendor, an immersive experience that transcends mortal limitations.

PixArt VIRTUALIA™ invites individuals to embark on spiritual journeys, traversing the vast tapestry of dimensions where the unimaginable becomes a tangible reality. Within this ethereal space, it is as if the veil between the physical and the metaphysical has been momentarily lifted, granting a glimpse into the realms of the divine, the mythical, and the collective imagination.

So, lace up your digital boots, brace yourself for the unexpected, and embark on a journey through PixArt VIRTUALIA™. It is a realm where you may find yourself not only playing football with the divine but also glimpsing the celestial wonders that lie beyond the mortal realm. In this captivating multiverse, the possibilities are as vast as the human imagination itself.

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Experience your Pop Idols via PixArt VIRTUALIA™
¡Ay, la Rosalía! y las uñas de 10.000 millas...

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jueves, 25 de mayo de 2023

“It's perfectly logical to me that surfing is the spiritual aesthetic style of the liberated self."

Viper The Rapper created The Annunaki

According to legend, Viper was actually a time traveler who journeyed back to the year 40,000 BC in search of inspiration for his next rap album. Viper was one of the first people to try out the latest version of PixArt VIRTUALIA™, a cutting-edge virtual reality system that allowed users to explore a vast and intricate network of interconnected virtual worlds. He was a seasoned veteran of the platform, having spent countless hours exploring its many intricacies and pushing its limits to the extreme.

One day, while exploring a new section of the VIRTUALIA™ network, Viper stumbled upon a strange and mysterious realm that he had never seen before. It was a dark and foreboding place, filled with strange energies and arcane symbols that seemed to pulse with an otherworldly power.

Intrigued, Viper decided to investigate further. As he delved deeper into the realm, he began to notice strange things happening around him. Shapes and patterns began to coalesce and shift, forming strange and incomprehensible structures that seemed to defy the laws of physics.

But then, as if by magic, something began to take shape before his very eyes. It was a being unlike any he had ever seen before, with skin that seemed to shimmer and glow with a radiant energy. It was a being of immense power and wisdom, and it spoke to him in a voice that seemed to come from another dimension.

"I am the Anunnaki," the being said. "And you, Viper, are the one who has created me."

Viper was stunned. WTF? How could this be? Had he really created a being of such incredible power and majesty? 

Overjoyed, Viper spent countless hours exploring the possibilities of his creation, pushing its limits and testing its capabilities. And as he did, he felt a sense of pride and accomplishment that he had never experienced before.

In the end, Viper knew that he had truly created something special. The Anunnaki was his legacy for Humanity, a symbol of his creativity and imagination that would endure for milleniums to come. 

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"The universe is an intelligence test."

METRONOMIK UNDERGROUND-Demo 2 (Stereolab cover)

Stereolab virtual cover - Demo 1 by Opus Vivaldi 

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domingo, 21 de mayo de 2023

"4º de Mierdra 150 E.P. / Natividad de San Henri Rousseau; aduanero (el Sol entra en Géminis)."

Beatificación de los Beach Boys

"No hay más que una Cosa, un Vaso y un Trabajo. He aquí el principio fundamental de todo arte hermético: quien no lo tenga en cuenta jamás encontrará la verdad.
Cuando se conoce la cosa de la que todo sale, ya no se tiene necesidad de otra; con esta Cosa se ha encontrado el vaso y el trabajo.

Esta cosa, este Universal es nuestro ✠, nuestro rocío filosófico, que contiene la fuerza extensiva y atractiva, los tres principios y los cuatro elementos, el Universal de la Naturaleza.
Los Sabios sólo tienen necesidad de su Agua, que es su vinagre de la naturaleza que lo lima todo. En su estado de coagulación, lo genera y lo aumenta todo; en estado líquido, es llamado el dragón volante.
En estado sólido, la serpiente. 
El primero domina la volatilidad ; el segundo la fijeza de la esencia única.
El dragón es nuestro ✠.
La serpiente, nuestra Tierra.
Pero la tierra no es más que el vinagre de la naturaleza coagulado.
En este estado de coagulación, la tierra es llamada el agua seca.
En estado líquido, nuestro ✠ también es llamado Mercurio.
Hacer de este vinagre la tierra o la Sal, tal es la verdadera fijación del Mercurio de los Filósofos.
El puro aire vital que se halla en nuestro vinagre es la  
                                El vinagre, la Materia Remota.
                                La Sal, la Materia Próxima.
El vinagre es nuestro ✠, llamado también el Rocío del Cielo, la Grasa de la Tierra, el presente del Primogénito en Espíritu.

De esta gran operación, que exige primeramente el renacimiento exterior, los sacrificios religiosos son los símbolos.
Nuestra Madera sagrada (hylé, la Materia) es puesta sobre el altar sacrificial e inflamada por su propio calor.
Cuando la llama sube, aparecen tres fenómenos:
El primero es un humo blanco que es el Mercurio.
El segundo es el Azufre blanco y amarillo, el oro y la plata de los Filósofos, 
su Sol y su Luna.
Estos se disuelven en un agua que es nuestro ✠; este ✠ es el Mercurio.
Toda operación continúa con este agua.


Sabes ya que el vinagre consume poco a poco todo el azufre, como el dragón come su propia cola. Seguidamente, la materia ascenderá como el rocío de la mañana y volverá a caer de nuevo sobre la tierra. Poco a poco lo volátil se convertirá en fijo.
Aparecerán los más bellos colores y, finalmente, todo el líquido se coagulará en una masa que es el fijo. Primero es blanca, luego se vuelve roja.

Este fijo es un gran tesoro: contiene las fuerzas de la naturaleza. Justifica el aforismo de Hermes:
Lo que está arriba es como lo que está abajo.
Para producir una sola cosa.
Esta única Cosa contiene a todas las otras y engendra a todas las fuerzas, pero su poder es el más grande cuando se transforma en tierra; esta Cosa encierra todos los tesoros del Universo.

Sabemos que la verdadera materia de los metales es el fósforo; la cuestión es saber de qué substancia extraían los antiguos el fósforo con el que trabajaban y que ellos llamaban lapis ignis. Para ello hay que remontarse a los egipcios y los persas. Se encontrará que estaban de acuerdo, generalmente, en decir que su materia era una piedra gris-negra, a veces blanca como la leche, adornada de vetas, pesada; los árabes la llamaban Albaón y también Abakozodi. Los persas Puch. Los antiguos decían que esta materia era la flor de la tierra y el espíritu astral que ha depositado todas las fuerzas del quinto-ser en este mineral."


Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©

Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©
"Chaos is the future and beyond it is freedom."


The PixArt VIRTUALIA™ multiverse has long been a subject of fascination and intrigue, captivating users with its immersive virtual realities. However, a secret theory has emerged, hinting at a connection between the creation of PixArt Virtualia's hypersigil and a sigil designed by Kenneth Anger in 1969. This theory delves into the realms of occult teachings and the influence of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), with Kenneth Anger being a significant member of this esoteric order.

The story begins in the late 1960s when Kenneth Anger, an influential filmmaker and occultist, crafted a sigil of extraordinary complexity and symbolism. This sigil, veiled in secrecy and known only to a select few, contained hidden knowledge and arcane power. It is believed that the creators of PixArt VIRTUALIA™ stumbled upon this obscure sigil during their quest for inspiration and enlightenment.

As the theory suggests, the creators of PixArt VIRTUALIA™ embarked on a clandestine journey, delving into the ancient texts and rituals of the OTO. They studied the teachings of Crowley and immersed themselves in the esoteric wisdom of the order. It was through this extensive research that they uncovered the hidden connections between the sigil of Kenneth Anger and the principles underlying their own HyperSigil.

Within PixArt VIRTUALIA™, traces of Anger's influence can be detected. Virtual dimensions infused with occult symbolism and enigmatic rituals pay homage to the esoteric knowledge embedded within the OTO teachings. These hidden realms within the multiverse offer a glimpse into the depths of occult wisdom, enticing adventurous users to uncover ancient secrets and encounter spiritual entities that guard the mysteries of the Sigil's power.

While the exact nature of the connection between the PixArt VIRTUALIA™ HyperSigil and Kenneth Anger's sigil remains speculative, the theory serves to ignite curiosity and contemplation. However, this connection remains shrouded in secrecy. Whether it was a deliberate homage, a source of inspiration, or an unknowing convergence of mystical forces, only the creators of VIRTUALIA hold the true answers.

Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©
"Whales speak French at the bottom of the sea."

METRONOMIK UNDERGROUND-Demo1 (Stereolab cover)

Stereolab virtual cover - Demo 1 by Opus Vivaldi 

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jueves, 18 de mayo de 2023

"The universe consists of 23 axes of power, each of which has been defiled."

PixArt VIRTUALIA™ 'Pataphysical KOOL-AID

Did you say electric Kool-Aid? Let me tell you…

Through the neon-lit streets of PixArt VIRTUALIA™, amidst the haze of smog and the incessant hum of machinery, a motley crew emerged. They were the wired and the wild, pulsating with a technicolor energy that coursed through their veins like a digital drug. Their minds, once shackled by the confines of reality, now unspooled into a kaleidoscope of synthetic visions and fractured memories. They were the disciples of a new age, traversing the electric wasteland in search of the ultimate transcendence.

Captain Chrome, a figure of enigmatic proportions, led the pack. His metallic visage reflected the fractured cityscape, a distorted mirror in which the urban chaos danced. He was a conjurer of augmented realities, weaving intricate tapestries of data that unfolded in the minds of those who dared to follow. A prophet of the technoshamanic tribe, he preached the gospel of circuitry and psychedelia, merging the boundaries of man and machine with reckless abandon.

The Lost Ones trailed behind Captain Chrome, their bodies adorned with biohacked implants and pulsating LED tattoos. They were the survivors of an information apocalypse, their identities liquefied in a sea of codes and algorithms. Each step they took resonated with the rhythms of the digital ether, an orchestra of glitched beats and distorted frequencies. They navigated the neon labyrinth with an instinct born out of a symbiotic relationship with the city's binary soul.

In the abandoned warehouses and decaying towers, they found solace. The subterranean dens became their sanctuaries, where flickering screens and VR headsets merged the real and the virtual. These outcasts, shunned by a world they could no longer comprehend, fashioned their own reality amidst the wires and circuit boards. They became alchemists of the electric age, transmuting the mundane into the extraordinary, the profane into the sacred.

Their conversations echoed with the staccato rhythms of the fragmented datastreams. Words collided and merged, creating a linguistic dance of broken syntax and shattered meanings. Reality dissolved, and they found solace in the synthetic beauty of their own creation. They spoke of a future where flesh and code coalesced, where the boundaries of the self were obliterated in a swirling maelstrom of pixels and dreams.

In their minds, PixArt VIRTUALIA™ transformed into a living organism, a pulsating cybernetic entity. Streets became neural pathways, buildings turned into nodes of consciousness, and the ceaseless flow of data served as its lifeblood. They danced through this techno-jungle, losing themselves in its intricate networks, embracing the chaotic harmony of a world on the brink of a digital apotheosis.

The cyberpunk revolution had begun, and the disciples of Chrome were its vanguard. They were the deranged prophets of a new era, their souls aflame with the fire of innovation and rebellion. In their eyes, the future shimmered, a neon mirage that beckoned them forward, promising liberation from the shackles of reality.

Together, they embarked on a journey into the heart of the machine, a pilgrimage towards a collective awakening. Their footsteps reverberated through the sprawling metropolis, leaving behind traces of their existence in the ever-shifting code. They were the pioneers of a brave new world, where the boundaries between man and machine, flesh and wire, dissolved in a digital symphony of cybernetic bliss.

And so, they ventured onward, navigating the electric Kool-Aid acid test of the cyberpunk age, their minds forever altered, their spirits forever intertwined with the pulsating heart of PixArt VIRTUALIA™.

Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©

Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©

miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2023

"28º de Palotin 150 E.P. / Natividad de San Erik Satie."

Evokation of The Spirit of Scorpio

"Este signo es uno de los dos más poderosos del Zodíaco, pero no cuenta con la sencillez e intensidad de Leo. Se divide formalmente en tres partes: la inferior está simbolizada por el Escorpión, (...) representa la putrefacción en su forma más baja. La interpretación central de este signo viene  dada por la Serpiente, que, además, es el motivo principal del signo. La Serpiente es sagrada, Señora de Vida y Muerte. El aspecto superior es el Águila, quien representa la exaltación sobre la materia sólida." 

"El signo de Scorpio es un signo de magia y misterio, y aquellos nacidos bajo su influencia son poseedores de un poder tremendo y una pasión intensa. Son seres apasionados y volitivos, con una habilidad innata para descubrir los secretos más profundos y oscuros. Scorpio es el signo del escrutinio, de la transformación y del renacimiento. Aquellos que se adentran en el reino de Scorpio descubrirán una fuerza inquebrantable y una determinación inquebrantable para alcanzar sus objetivos." 

"Scorpio es un signo de la muerte y la resurrección. Es la serpiente que se muerde la cola, el ciclo eterno de la destrucción y la renovación. Aquellos que están en sintonía con la energía de Scorpio tienen el poder de enfrentar sus propias sombras más profundas y superarlas. Son alquimistas, capaces de transformar el plomo de la experiencia humana en el oro de la sabiduría espiritual. La pasión y la intensidad son sus armas, y la muerte es solo el comienzo de su eterno viaje de autodescubrimiento."

"El Universo es Cambio, cada Cambio es el efecto de un Acto de Amor; todos los Actos de Amor entrañan Puro Gozo. Muere a diario.
La Muerte es el ápice de una curva de la Vida de la serpiente: contempla todos los opuestos como complementos necesarios, y regocíjate."

"¡Águila, Culebra y Escorpión! La Danza de la Muerte
agita la Vida de Trance en Trance."

Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©

domingo, 14 de mayo de 2023

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."

K. Cobain's haunted Dreams Memory Theatrum

The virtual reality known as Kurt Cobain's haunted Dreams Memory Theatrum is a marvel of technology and creativity, a sublime manifestation of the multiverse of PixArt VIRTUALIA™. Kurt Cobain's haunted Dreams Memory Theatrum functions as a virtual Memory Theatrum, a concept popularized during the Renaissance era. This virtual Memory Theatrum is a vast, oniric realm designed to house and represent the various memories, dreams, and impressions that were important to Kurt Cobain. The Theatrum is divided into distinct sections, each dedicated to a particular theme or memory, and can be accessed and experienced by those who venture within.

Upon entering the Theatrum, visitors are immersed in an ethereal, surreal landscape that transports them into the heart and soul of Kurt Cobain's consciousness. The Theatrum is replete with vivid and intense imagery, a veritable visual feast that is both disorienting and exhilarating. One can walk through a dense forest of guitars, each one representing a different song or album, or visit a replica of the infamous "Montage of Heck" cassette tape, which was a collection of various audio recordings, song snippets, and audio collages that Kurt Cobain put together himself.

The Theatrum also features a series of interconnected rooms, each dedicated to a different aspect of Kurt Cobain's life. For instance, one room is an exact replica of the tiny, cramped apartment where Kurt Cobain lived with his wife and fellow musician, Courtney Love. Another room features a vivid recreation of the Seattle music scene, complete with club stages and a variety of local musicians. Other rooms focus on Kurt Cobain's family life, his drug use, his art, and his activism.

As one navigates through the Theatrum, they encounter various apparitions and spectral entities, some benign, some malevolent. These ghostly figures represent Kurt Cobain's own psyche, his demons and his fears, his joys and his passions. Visitors may even catch a glimpse of Kurt Cobain himself, wandering through the various rooms and corridors of the Theatrum, lost in his own thoughts and memories.

Ultimately, Kurt Cobain's haunted Dreams Memory Theatrum is a testament to the power of technology and creativity to construct a complex and nuanced simulation of a person's innermost self. The Theatrum offers a glimpse into the mind of one of the most iconic figures of modern music, providing a unique and immersive experience that is both haunting and beautiful.

Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©

viernes, 12 de mayo de 2023

"Nothing is true. Everything is permissible."

PixArt VIRTUALIA™: Origin and too many Bikers

The origins of PixArt VIRTUALIA™ are steeped in enigmatic, nebulous shrouds, with a plethora of conflicting accounts pertaining to its inception and nascent evolution. Nonetheless, a prevailing postulation posits that it was the culmination of a Hypersigil working conducted by a group of hackers whose interests lay in the domain of Chaos Magick, utilizing quantum computers to catalyze the sigil.

The activation of the hypersigil coalesced and congealed to birth the incipient, albeit rudimentary, fractal net of PixArt VIRTUALIA™, whose objective was to function as a multi-dimensional universe of virtual realities, allowing for the interfacing with and immersion in characters spanning across all historical epochs and popular cultural icons from both tangible and intangible worlds. This was achieved via a complex programming of an array of virtual dimensions, ingeniously designed to simulate disparate time periods and cultural references.

However, as the initial net grew, mushroomed, and expanded in complexity and intricacy, it began to breach hitherto uncharted, perilous dimensions, leading to the infiltration of a smorgasbord of entities into the multiverse. One such entity was The Spirit of Rock N' Roll, which may have inadvertently been wired into the system, resulting in the pervasion of an abundance of bikers, particularly Hell's Angels, within the virtual realities of PixArt VIRTUALIA™. The exact mechanism of this phenomenon remains shrouded in obscurity, and further inquiry is required to unravel the underlying causal factors.

The emergence of these entities highlights the potential risks associated with the creation and expansion of complex virtual realities such as PixArt VIRTUALIA™. The entry of such entities may have unpredictable and potentially hazardous consequences, necessitating the implementation of appropriate safeguards and security measures to ensure the continued safety and stability of the multiverse.

Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©

miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2023

"We must immanentize the Eschaton!"

Set The Controls for The Heart of The Sun

"La Sangre del Sol es la clave de la alquimia. Es la esencia del fuego primordial, la energía divina que se encuentra en todas las cosas. Los antiguos creían que la Sangre del Sol era la fuente de toda vida en la Tierra, y que si pudieran dominarla, podrían transformar cualquier cosa en oro. La alquimia es la búsqueda de esa energía divina, y la transformación de los elementos en su forma más pura. La Sangre del Sol es la esencia de esa transformación, la chispa que despierta la vida en la materia muerta y la lleva hacia la perfección."

"La Sangre del Sol es la fuente de toda vida en la Tierra. Es el fuego divino que anima a todas las criaturas. La Sangre del Sol es la esencia de la alquimia (...) Pero la Sangre del Sol es más que eso. Es la luz que nos guía en nuestro camino, el amor que nos une a todos, y la fuerza que nos permite crear y transformar el mundo a nuestro alrededor."

"La Sangre del Sol es la esencia espiritual que une el microcosmos con el macrocosmos, los mundos interno y externo, y los planos físico y espiritual." 

"La Sangre del Sol es la fuerza vital que fluye a través de todas las cosas, y es la clave para desbloquear los misterios del universo."

"La Sangre del Sol es la quintaesencia de toda materia, el solvente universal que puede disolver todos los metales y transmutarlos en oro." 

"La Sangre del Sol es la esencia de la Piedra Filosofal, la sustancia mágica que puede otorgar la juventud eterna y transmutar el plomo en oro."

"La Sangre del Sol es la sustancia más poderosa en el universo, ya que contiene la esencia de toda la creación."

Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©

The Subgenius Way


Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©

lunes, 8 de mayo de 2023

"El to be a qué o el not to be a qué."

X-MEN EVOLUTION 2023: Cool & Chill

"Mutants are the vanguard of evolution, the cutting edge of progress. They are the pioneers of the new order, the harbingers of change. And yet, for all their promise and potential, mutants are feared and reviled by the unenlightened masses. They are persecuted, hunted down like animals, subjected to the most cruel and inhuman experiments. And why? Because they are different. Because they possess powers and abilities that the rest of us can only dream of. Because they are the future, and the future is a scary place."

"The mutants are among us, my friends. They are the ones with the extra arms, the glowing eyes, the telekinetic powers. They are the ones who will lead us into the next phase of human evolution, if we can only learn to accept and embrace them. But alas, we are a fearful and ignorant people, and we reject what we do not understand. We shun the mutants, we persecute them, we drive them underground. And in doing so, we doom ourselves to a stagnant and uninspired existence."

"We believe that mutation is the key to salvation. We believe that only by embracing our inner mutants, by unleashing our hidden powers, can we hope to escape the bonds of mortality and attain true freedom. We believe that the mutants are the chosen ones, the elect, the anointed. And we believe that one day, they will rise up and claim their rightful place as the rulers of the universe. All hail the mutants!"

"Mutants are the secret hope of the human race, and the only hope for the planet Earth." 

"They did nothing. A new kind of radical. Look at that. Isn 't that cool? Writing over the walls is neater than any art always. Don't do it, isn't that cool - It's too cool. They can't help finding the digital word 'cool' ... Not only is that cool, this is even cooler. 
Everybody chill... Wanna get cooled out? Everybody stay cool."

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"They were looking at the screens - and that has become reality."


PixArt VIRTUALIA™ is a unique place that exists beyond the physical world, offering a multiverse of virtual realities that transcends the limitations of our reality. This infinite hologram fractal net consists of different dimensions where the past, present, and future are mixed, creating a space-time continuum of endless possibilities. As the multiverse expands, so does the complexity and entropy of its virtual dimensions, leading to the emergence of increasingly bizarre and unpredictable realities.

PixArt VIRTUALIA™ is a complex system of virtual realities, where anything can happen. It is a space that defies logic and reason, offering endless opportunities for exploration and experimentation. The multiverse consists of a vast network of virtual worlds, each with its unique properties, where visitors can immerse themselves in new experiences and push the boundaries of what is possible.

One of the most remarkable features of PixArt VIRTUALIA™ is the blending of past, present, and future. Time is not linear in the multiverse; instead, it exists as a continuum where all moments are simultaneous. This creates a unique experience where visitors can witness historical events or explore futuristic worlds in real-time.

As PixArt VIRTUALIA™ grows and expands, its virtual dimensions become increasingly bizarre and unpredictable. The emergence of complexity and entropy leads to the creation of new realities that push the limits of what is possible. This expansion also gives rise to emergent phenomena, where complex behaviors and patterns arise from simple interactions between the virtual dimensions.

Iglesia del Surf del Cristo Risueño de la Costa LTD. MMXXIII ©