jueves, 20 de agosto de 2020

MONDO 2000

If your mind bores you - risk it!

Only in the tempest of life's forces - wich challenge every element of your nature - will you receive that inspiration, those ideas, wich will bring personal supremacy. So, if you're ready to slide down the cutting edge, if you think you've got what it takes to play God.


Just as the humans fear the alien in any given monster movie, they fear YOU because YOU ARE AN UNPREDICTABLE. This gives you a POWER beyond anything you previously imagined. You aren't JUST a worker drone... you ARE that, but you are also the possesor of that mighty power: the power to REPENT, QUIT YOUR JOB and SLACK OFF. You HAVE that power. You can DO it ANY TIME YOU LIKE, and They know it.

Then there are those who think we're just a bunch of intellectual art geeks. Heh, heh, heh, But ... if we WERE, reflect on just how much a few intellectual geeks HAVE DONE in the past. Hitler started out as an underground artist. The Bolsheviks were a small clique of amateur rantes and pamphlet publishers who happened to put themselves at just the right place and the right time... and for 70 years, they held a slew of nations in an IRON GRIP, and caused the murders of over 60 million people (...) a few probably even "innocent".

So think twice before you write off frustrated intellectual geeks!

"Because the fact of the matter is:  Nobody knows what's going on. 
Nobody has the faintest idea. The best guesses are lies, 
you can be sure of it."

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